Kubb Snipers made their first tournament appearance together in 2012 at the Minnesota Loppet Kubb Tournament.  This was our first tournament playing together and we complemented each other very well and settled into our game.  The day far exceeded my expectations as we won the first Loppet Kubb Tournament.

Our next tournament together was the first Madison Kubb Tournament.  Again we settled into our game and had a great day of kubb.  We ended up playing the Flippin’ Batons, our other FVK team at the tournament in the semi-finals.  Just a note on the Flippin’ Batons, these are my parents Rick and Lynn Saegert.  We notched our 2nd win together at Madison.  And really put Kubb Snipers on the Radar.

Next on the Schedule was the 2012 US Nationals in Eau Claire, WI.  Because this was the first Nationals as a 3 person team, we added Rick Saegert (my step dad) to our team.  My dad and I played together at last years 2011 Nationals and tied for 32nd.

I can’t say we played well that day but good enough to make it to play the Knockerheads 2011 National Champs from last year in the final game on Saturday.  We agreed this game should be a Sunday game but non the less we had to play the champs to make it to Sunday.  The Knockerheads were on their game and beat us 2-0.  We ended up tied for 9th at the 2012 US Nationals.

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