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Loppet 2013 Review

A weeks worth of anticipation  crammed into one cold and glorious day.  We
practiced in cold weather, wind, in snow, and on ice.  We wanted to be ready for any playing  surface we would encounter.

We stayed warm (thanks to Ice Hole) and played strong.  It was a beautiful day, sun shining, batons flying.




The competition was fierce with the level of play from teams that certainly upped their games.  We live for the fierce battles on the pitch.  Many games in the championship rounds saw 6 kubbs in play in two tosses.  We loved to see our kubb family and getting a chance to match up against them.  For one we finally got the chance to play our friends from Thief River Falls.481915_496584410387335_1984276350_n

We made it to the final four.  Our first game was against the gentle giants, the Ringers.  They swiftly ended our run for the title with some amazing accuracy.  Their was no time wasted taking down the kubbs.  Dave and Aaron were zeroed on their game.  We lost to a fantastic team.  The Ringers moved on to face the Knockerheads from DMK.  In the end, the newly assembled team Knockerheads wins the 2012 Loppet.

After losing to the Ringers we played for 3rd place against Suk Face.  This was a familiar team from last year whom we played in the quarterfinals.  We won the opening toss and took the first game.  In the second game, Suk Face came out and eliminated our baseline in their opening throws.  They went 5 for 6.  Was a third game on the horizon?  Our first throws took out all the field kubbs but could not take one of their baseline kubbs.   They left one field kubb with their second throw and we  made that mistake pay.  Chad Parsons blasted 4 kubbs with one baton and used his two remaining kubbs to eliminate two of their baseline kubbs.  I stepped up and took out 2 more, leaving only one baseline left.  The game took a drastic change.  There were now 9 field kubbs in play and we put the pressure Suk Face.   Again they left two field kubbs and we promptly cleaned the remaining kubbs up and took down the king for a 3rd place (5)

Their is no doubt that teams are getting better.  We had the opportunity to play the Kubbchucks this year again.  Jamie, Garrick and Jim have really put in the time and it shows on the pitch.  There were some new teams we played that really have game.  It’s going to be difficult to get to the sweet 16 in the future.

391784_261769670622290_2031965195_nAgain we can’t say enough about the people of Kubb.  The Pitch Wizards for sharing their fire and the awesome REALLYGOODS.  Thank you Chris and Steve.  Nate and Joe of Wolfpack stuck around and watched the end of one of our games.  Did I mention it was like 5 degrees out??? Jason Larson of JP Games had his table set up promoting his games as well as playing very well in the tournament.   Eric Anderson couldn’t play this year but that didn’t stop him from promoting kubb and networking with many people that stopped to watch the matches.  To Eric Goplin and the rest of the Minnesota Kubb members, we solute you my friends.  Their is no other camaraderie like the family of kubb.

Until the next tournament,

Kubb Snipers and Fox Valley Kubb

The Loppet Kubb Tournament

Loppet CarlThe 2013 Loppet Kubb Tournament is only 3 weekends away.  To say we are excited is an understatement.  The intensity of our level of practice recently has mirrored the intensity of a finals match.

The picture to the right shows Carl  ready as well for the Loppet.  For those of you who have never had the opportunity to meet  Carl, he’s a giant King who stares at our competition each and every match.  He made his debut at the 2012 Dallas Tournament last fall.

We have been practicing in the very cold and windy weather here weekly.  No matter what the weather brings in Minnesota, the Snipers will be ready to battle.


We have no off-season

Kubb Sniper PracticeA blizzard blasted us on Thursday 12-20-12 and dumped about 10 inches of heavy wet snow here in the valley.

My neighbors must think I’m crazy.  I shoveled out the pitch in the back yard for the weekly sniper practice on Friday night.  What a perfect time to get ready for Loppet on this 20 degree night with fresh snow.  We have to stay on our game as we will have the crosshairs on our backs this year for Loppet.

Some might think we are crazy….We call it dedication.


-Kubb Snipers

Kubb Snipers Registered for the Largest Winter Kubb Tournament in the US

Minnesota Kubb hosts the largest winter Kubb Tournament in the US and the Kubb Snipers are hoping to get another bib like this pictured above.

We don’t get up at 3am and travel 5 hours to just have fun.  We go to battle with the best of the best.  The pros of the kubb world.  As a quote from Eric Anderson, “we’re bringing our lunch pail” and ready we will be ready to go to work.  We look forward to seeing all the teams in a couple of months in MN.

Kubb Snipers on the Map

1st Place Kubb Snipers at the Minnesota Loppet Kubb Tournament

Before the 2012 season kicked off I told Chad Parsons my two goals for the year.  1. Make it past the quarterfinals in a tournament.  2. Put Fox Valley Kubb on the map.  Well, we did just that by winning the first tournament of the year in Minnesota.  The Loppet Kubb Tournament.

Our second Tournament playing together was in Madison.  The 1st Madison Mid Sommar Kubb Tournament.  The weather was great for sniping kubbs and the cross-hairs were zeroed in as we won the Madison tournament.  We put Kubb Snipers on the map.


1st Place Kubb Snipers at the Madison MidSommar Kubb Tournament