Kubb Snipers on the Map

1st Place Kubb Snipers at the Minnesota Loppet Kubb Tournament

Before the 2012 season kicked off I told Chad Parsons my two goals for the year.  1. Make it past the quarterfinals in a tournament.  2. Put Fox Valley Kubb on the map.  Well, we did just that by winning the first tournament of the year in Minnesota.  The Loppet Kubb Tournament.

Our second Tournament playing together was in Madison.  The 1st Madison Mid Sommar Kubb Tournament.  The weather was great for sniping kubbs and the cross-hairs were zeroed in as we won the Madison tournament.  We put Kubb Snipers on the map.


1st Place Kubb Snipers at the Madison MidSommar Kubb Tournament





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